We work hard, day in and day out, to produce the results our clients desire. Below are just a few of our clients’ thoughts regarding our representation. We hope you will come in as a client, and leave as a friend.

 What Do Clients Say About Beuke & Beuke?

Rick Beuke was extremely helpful and patient during my DUI case. He explained the process in a way that was understandable to me. Any questions or concerns I had were immediately answered and resolved. Thank you for beating my case and helping me through the process.

– DUI Client

P.J. was a considerate and knowledgeable attorney. I was charged with battery and P.J. was able to get everything dropped. I highly recommend P.J. I can’t thank him enough for what he was able to do for me.

– Assault & Battery Client

My daughter was arrested and charged with theft. My husband and I had no idea where to turn. She had never done anything like this before and we didn’t want this to ruin her life. The law firm of Beuke & Beuke understood what this could do to our daughter’s future, as well as what we were going through as worried parents. We can’t thank them enough for what they were able to do for our daughter.

– Theft Client

I was referred to Rick Beuke by my brother, a former client of Rick’s. He is a highly devoted and highly experienced criminal and DUI defense lawyer. I was very satisfied with the outcome of the situation that I found myself in and I would refer them to anyone.

– DUI Client

I was charged with multiple counts of federal drug conspiracy. I turned to Beuke & Beuke to help me through the process. I was well informed throughout the entire process. After lengthy discussions and negotiations with the prosecutors Rick was able to reach an agreement without a jury or bench trial and I couldn’t be happier.

– Drug Offense Client

I highly recommend this law firm and its founding attorney, Rick Beuke. I will continue to refer clients to this office, as I have only received praises from everyone who I know who has used them. Rick fought for me through my entire drug case and produced the outcome I wanted. Choose this firm; you will not be disappointed.

– Drug Offense Client

I was charged with my sixth " driving on a suspended license." In a time when I wasn't sure of what to do with my situation, Peter not only kept me out of jail, but he prevented my license from getting suspended again. I greatly appreciate the hard work and dedication he showed through my entire case.

– Traffic Offense Client

I was facing charges for aggravated unlawful use of a weapon with the possibility of substantial jail time. I contacted Beuke & Beuke right away. The case went to trial and I was found not guilty. If you want a lawyer who knows how to try a case, contact Beuke & Beuke.

– Firearms Offense Client

I would recommend the attorneys at Beuke & Beuke to anyone. I was charged with attempted murder. The no-nonsense approach is what I found so admirable. I wanted an attorney that would tell me exactly how it was and wouldn’t fill me up with b-s and tell me everything was going to be all right. I wanted someone that would focus on beating my case, not on my feelings. I was found not guilty and I owe everything to him.

– Attempted Murder Client

After a dumb mistake I found myself behind bars. I was terrified because I’d never been in this situation before. I was charged with armed robbery. I contacted Beuke & Beuke and they explained exactly what I was facing and walked me through each part of my case. I can’t explain how happy I am with the outcome of my case.

– Armed Robbery Client

I would go to Beuke & Beuke to represent me again in a heartbeat. Friends who had used Beuke & Beuke referred me to them. By the end of my drug case I was looking at dramatically reduced charges, and no threat of jail time. I could NOT have done this without Beuke & Beuke.

– Drug Offense Client

Rick defended me on three separate cases with outstanding results. He treated me with respect and never judged me. He answered all my questions and removed any doubt during the lengthy legal process. Beuke & Beuke are currently handling my expungement and I look forward to permanently putting all of this behind me. I couldn’t have done it without them.

– Expungement Client

I contacted Peter at the Law Offices of Beuke & Beuke because I was pulled over for speeding 39 MPH over the speed limit. I had no idea of the severity of a speeding ticket. Peter walked me through the process and explained to me exactly what he was going to try and accomplish on my court date. Peter was able to get my ticket amended, so I would not receive a misdemeanor conviction. I can't thank him enough for what he was able to do for me.

– Traffic Offense Client